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Halloween Hauntfest 2018 canceled

Lets talk about Halloween Hauntfest and what happened this August and why the show was so abruptly canceled. But for those that don't know about this show or what its about here is a quick recap about the event. The Halloween and Hauntfest show was created in 2015 by a man named Steven Colberg. He was a California haunter that loved halloween. Steven had worked with some other shows in the past and decorated his home every year with an elaborate Halloween setup. He was a haunter, but he had a dream. Steven’s dream was to open a convention for Halloween Enthusiast to enjoy Halloween and gather with other like minded Halloween friends. In 2016 The Halloween Hauntfest was debuted to the public in Texas.

Steven and I spoke briefly every year about Halloween and Haunting usually at shows or between speaking gigs all across the U.S. He was intrigued with IHI Media’s success in social media and asked us every year to attend his show. We finally talked in length this past January about finalizing a contract to promote his event for the 2018 show this past August. A contract was signed and Liz, Kyle and myself were headed to Mesquite Texas for the 3rd annual Halloween Hauntfest.

In late July Steven Colberg passed away suddenly in his California Home. This came as a great shock to the community because many of us had spoken directly to him months weeks and days before he passed as the show was only a few weeks from opening. Things got worse as the show couldn't go on without him because he was literally in charge of everything. His name was on every contract and there was no second in command to take over in a situation like this. Steven had no significant other and no immediate family to assist in the workings of this massive show. As a result of this the convention could not go on. To make things worse no one could talk about what happened so this left many people wondering if the show was even happening. Social media promotional ads kept running and many people were left confused. The ticket company did end up refunding attendees and some people made an effort to speak out and say the show has been canceled.

Since the Halloween Hauntfest Show was no longer happening some of the local attractions hosted parties and walk throughs of their own. One of the few was Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano Texas. After a 6 Hour Lights on Tour I saw everything this show had to offer. They also held a haunters swap meet as well.

I went to Texas to highlight the passions Texans have for Halloween and Haunted Attractions. I did it to commemorate Steve Colberg.

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