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10 Unusual Halloween Traditions from all over the world

Updated: May 7, 2018

Halloween dates back centuries when it was widely celebrated in Celtic cultures such as Scotland and Ireland. It’s the evening before All Saints Day, when ghostly spirits come out to play. While the commercial way we mark Halloween today doesn’t bare much relevance to what is ultimately a Pagan tradition, it’s no doubt a popular holiday in the US with children trick or treating door-to-door and adults reveling in costume parties. However, certain other countries are home to some Halloween-like or autumnal traditions of their own.

1. The Day of the Dead, Mexico

Although not strictly a Halloween celebration, Mexico’s Day of the Dead occurs around the same time. It’s a public holiday where families pay their respects to deceased relatives and friends. It is characterized by elaborate costumes, feasts and decorations. The skull is the most prolific symbol of the holiday, and celebrants often don skeletal masks and makeup to mark the occasion. They gather in graveyards to eat, drink and remember their loved ones. It may sound rather morbid, but its an uplifting celebration that honors the dead and celebrates life.

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